Refine Your Figure and Eliminate Fat Without Surgery 

So what does our spa offer?

Ultrasonic Liposuction

Losing weight is not easy for everyone and over eating is not always the cause of excessive weight gain. For others the only thing standing between them and the perfect body may be a pocket of fat that won’t disappear despite their best efforts. Non-Invasive Weight Loss spa now offers an affordable solution via a revolutionary treatment called Ultrasonic/Ultrasound Liposuction.

This Technology has become very popular in Europe and has proven benefits over invasive conventional Liposuction.  It is in effect liposuction without the surgery.

Complimenting your Ultrasonic or Ultrasound Liposuction sessions is our Infrared Body Wrap and detox program aiding in reaching your goal to look good and feel great!

Skin Rejuvenation through Radio Frequency
Although there is no escape from the natural process of aging, none of us would like the symptoms of ageing to manifest.  Improvement in skin laxity can be difficult to achieve without invasive surgical procedures.  However, skin rejuvenation through  Radio Frequency (RF) promotes tissue tightening & contouring, plumping out the skin & smoothing out wrinkles, making it appear tighter and more youthful.  Currently, skin rejuvenation through RF represents the gold standard of treatments designed to rejuvenate skin in a non-invasive fashion.

Infrared Sauna Blanket
During a 50-minute Infrared Body Wrap Treatment, you can burn up to 1,400 calories and continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours afterwards due to an elevated metabolism!

The Infrared Sauna Blanket is an especially valuable system for those who don’t exercise and for those who cannot exercise yet want an effective weight control and fitness program.

Heat therapy relieves our bodies from stress and fatigue and improves the body’s defenses during stress, something we all experience and somehow need to cope with in our daily rushed lives.  The added advantage of the Infrared Sauna Blanket is that this treatment aids in the treatment of cellulite, obesity and skin disease.  This makes it a great treatment to use in conjunction with any weight loss program and especially with Ultrasonic/Ultrasound Liposuction treatments.

Whole Body Vibration Training 

​Vibration Training is a scientifically supported exercise method that involves the performance of strength building, flexibility enhancing, and circulatory boosting exercises while standing, sitting, or pushing into a vibrating platform. Through the unique integration of traditional fitness approaches with new technology, Vibration Training is a safe, fast, and effective means to elevate your level of health in only a fraction of time.

The vibration stimulates not only active, slow-twitch muscle fiber that moves our bodies in physical activity but also the hard to reach fast-twitch muscle fiber that is normally not activated except in high intensity bursts of movement. This results in 98-100% of muscle response at a rate of up to 3000 times per minute during a session versus 40-60% of muscle use during traditional exercise.

The power plate vibration machine can produce equal, if not better, results than conventional training methods such as weight lifting in far less time, with less effort and with much less stress on the joints, tendons and ligaments. Results can be seen in sessions as short as 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week.